Pasquale Martini was born on 21 November 1942 in Caramanico Terme (Pescara). In 1960 he finished studies at the State Institute of Art at Penne (Pescara) graduating from it as a Master of Art .
From 1964 to 1966 he lives in Venice where he works in the world of arts and studies; he makes the acquaintance of the sculptor Viani and many other important artists. 1966 he moves on to Milan and stays there for almost 8 years. He enters the school of sculptor of Prof.Minguzzi and takes part to the courses in technology of sculpture with Prof.Rui at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Milan) finishing both successfully with diplomas of high honours.
From 1970 follow years of intense and hard-working activities in the field of his art; he takes part to personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad:
Turin, Milan, Venice, Padova, Verona, Brescia, Bologna, Roma, Pescara, Avellino, Chieti, Genova, Varese, Pietrasanta, Busto Arsizio, Gallarate, Ravenna, Udine, Como, Lodi, Riccione.
Germany: Ehingen, Laupheim, Wangen, Stuttgart, Grenzach-Whylen. Svizzera: Basilea.
Japan: Tokio, Sagamihara, Gifu, Niigata. Nigeria: Lagos.
Mexico: Mexico City. Venezuela:Caracas.
URSS:Baku (Azerbaigian), Moscow, Tiblisi (Georgia).
He has participated in several symposium and has hold courses of specialization of sculpture at the Accademy of Art in Wimbledon/London.
His works of art are to be found in many museums, public and private collections. For 24 years Martini has taught sculpture at the college of arts in Varese. Since 1994 he has given up active didactic works there in order to be fully free for experimenting in the field of sculpture. He participates in several National and International Sculptor Colonies:
St. Paul, Minnesota;
Aswan, Egypt;
Denizli (Kömüüoglu Mermer), Turkey;
Changsha, Hunan, China.
At Pietrasanta he founded and presided for 14 years a school for sculptors from abroad.
In 1994 he trasfers in the region Marche (Urbino) all his activities. In the new residence at present he is working for the realisation of a project for the European Community named ART & art "FORGE OF ART AND OF CRAFTS" and of an open air museum of sculptures of big dimensions.
He is living and working at Mercatello sul Metauro (Pesaro - Urbino).

The House where he lives and works